What Shadow Work Really Looks Like (A Fit For Service Film)


Some people will try to tell you that it’s all love and light. They are full of shit. They just don’t see the shit that they are full of! This is the nature of the shadow: it is that which we don’t wish to see. It is true, from the highest divine perspective, all is of Source. Even the shit. From this purview there is a collapse of polarity into a unicity. But that’s not the only world we live in. We live in a world where making love is better than spreading hate, where living with your heart full is better than cowering in fear. In other words, polarity is inescapable. And so in order to choose the Good, we have to accept and embrace all of the bad. And the only way we can stomach embracing our shadow, is to do it together. That’s what the 2022 Fit For Service summits were about. Coming together to hold each other in both triumph and victory. And this theme will continue to evolve as we roll out our 2023 core program for FFS. Applications are open now until January 10th for the entire year.