Wake Up to Your Power – Shawn Stevenson


You hold the pen to your own story. Write a story worth telling. Sometimes the most difficult periods in our life are also what lead us to our mission and purpose. Spoken by Shawn Stevenson. Watch the full episode here: https://bit.ly/2HvSJ7V Shawn Stevenson: At just 20 years old Shawn was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. A condition that was considered to be incurable, lost, confused and defeated. Shawn decided not to be a victim of what life handed him. And instead chose to use it. Not only finding a way to completely reverse his condition. But to then go on to create one of the top podcasts in the world on health and personal development “The Model Health Show”. Website: https://themodelhealthshow.com/ Youtube: https://bit.ly/2ZggYAW Facebook: https://bit.ly/2p9eBvO đź‘ŤSubscribe to The Model Health Show: https://bit.ly/2FCGkvR WANT MORE VIDEOS? SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/1jJOVsQ