The Venus Project-December, 2016


November 19, 2016 was the opening of the exhibit “Jacque Fresco 100 Years of Vision” at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida. This exhibit was a year in the making but finalized about three months before the opening. Joel Holt and Roxanne worked 3 months cleaning and reconditioning the 54 models. They are displayed on a shelf between many of the black and white ink sketches that were chosen amongst the collection of over 5500 produced in the last 37 years. The four walls are devoted to a timeline of Jacque’s life’s work presented through blueprints, drawings, patents drawings, photos and a video. The curator, Silvia Perrea, did extensive research and assembled a detailed experience of Jacque’s 100 years of work in diverse fields laid out in chronological order within categories of decades. It is impressive and inspirational for all ages. Special thanks to Silvia, Frank Verpoorten and everyone else at the Artist-Naples/ Baker Museum who made this exhibit possible.