THE TWELVE – A tale of wisdom and Unity


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“Such an epic film. Spine tingling, potentially life changing.”
“It is extraordinary to see something so raw in a film today. It felt as the viewer is being treated to a sacred glimpse of the source of life…”
“I sobbed from the first minute to the last: in grief, sadness and joy. What a gift.”
“The film has impacted me on a core level and resonates in every cell. And I am sure this will create a giant, beautiful wave.”
“This was the most intense cinematic experience of my life. I’m going to have to watch it again.”
“This film is a beautiful opportunity for self transformation.”

The Twelve is a feature length documentary that gives a voice to wisdom traditions
through the words of twelve Elders that united in a council at the United Nation in November 2017. This film is about giving them the opportunity to speak their truth and let the world know about what they did for the benefit of all. It is also about
highlighting how wisdom traditions can be an amazing source of inspiration and solutions
for ourselves and our modern society.