The Real Meaning of Christ


Located in the cerebrum of the human brain, there is the claustrum, that is sitting right in the middle that produces a secretion, a brain fluid, and this fluid is a precious oil inside us. In ancient times, this fluid was called in Greek “Christos” which means “Christ”. It’s this beautiful fluid which comes from the cerebrum and pours down the spinal cord and it reaches the sacral plexus, right next door to the sacrum. Now the claustrum is otherwise known as the holy claustrum, simply because of this beautiful oil, this Christos that is produced and secreted. The word secret comes from secretion, because this secretion is a secret and the sacrum is the sacred part of the secret. As the secretion pours down the spinal cord and reaches the sacrum, this shows us the marvelous way in which our body has been designed. The spinal cord is basically just an extension of the brain, it also does thinking. The holy claustrum is otherwise known as the Santa Claus-strum, because this fluid that goes down to the sacred plexus, is a sacred fluid and this is where the story of Santa Claus bringing presents down the chimney comes from.