The Pattern Of Creation – Drawing Sacred Geometry


The more we learn, the more ignorance unfolds. The more scientific discoveries we make, the more questions arise. We will always debate where we came from or what came first. Perhaps the answers lie right before our feet? There are signs all around us that demonstrate how everything in the natural universe is connected…through geometry! No matter where you are in the universe, the principles of geometry and the language of math remain consistent. 2+2=4 no matter what planet you’re on. So using these principles we can trace the pattern of creation. The similarities throughout nature are not a coincidence. This video gives a very quick overview of the pattern of creation, starting with a dot, then a circle, then Seed Of Life, Flower Of Life, Fruit Of Life and finally Metatron’s Cube, which contains all the shapes that form the fabric of reality…Seriously! This stuff is mind blowing! There is a lot to talk about on this subject. Try not to get hung up on any one image, but rather step back and see the connections. Then walk around outside and observe the connections for yourself. They are everywhere! Also, it’s very powerful to draw the Flower Of Life yourself. No special art supplies needed! For more interesting videos, please subscribe! Animation at the end by Lubomir Arsov. Go check out his amazing work! 1st song: Rabbit Hole – Neptune Project 2nd song: All is Full of Love (Instrumental) – Bjork