The most substantial proof that can satisfy you ?Abraham Hicks ?No ads during video


Abraham Hicks on the most substantial proof: 01:20 Everyone of us causes the expansion of the Abraham’s teachings every time we get up to speed with it. 01:52 Her story on how she experienceв the need to prove something to another person. 03:44 ?When someone needs proof, there’s no proof that’s substantial enough to satisfy them. 05:20 Everything is working out for you and it can always work out with ease. Her story points out that what she wanted was already available for her even before she could verbalise it. 13:10 The deprivation causes imbalance on the other way. From Abraham Hicks workshop in San Antonio 4-21-2012. No Ads during video. Subscribe and push the bell button – you will receive notifications about new uploads. No ads during videos on this channel. Check out our ads free playlist as well! Enjoy! Please subscribe to get more of the Abraham Hicks funny stories from their latest seminars and workshops! All Abraham Hicks materials as well as their live workshops are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. To learn more about Abraham Hicks, visit their website: