The Hungry Ghost Inside Us


Everyone living in a capitalist world is dealing with the hungry ghost. We all feel the pain of disconnection, of having our value determined by our economic output, of knowing that we are all replaceable. The pain is so ever present, we can hardly see it because it is always there.

We feel it in the destroyed ecosystems, in the abused children, in the tortured animals, in the deprivation of the homeless, and in every unloved being. The pain is everywhere. And since we are empathic beings who are hard-wired to feel the pain of another, it hurts.

We are all in pain.

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This video was created as a gift to humanity by Chris and Dawn Agnos

Original speech from Dr.Gabor Mate’s TED talk:

The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power: Gabor Maté at TEDxRio+20


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