The 2013 Geminids Meteor Shower over Joshua Tree


Please watch full screen in HD to see dozens of meteors zip across the sky! Turn up the volume to enjoy Justin Durban’s beautiful soundtrack!

The annual Geminids meteor shower is nature’s natural fireworks show. This year’s shower is unique because it took place close to a full moon. While the bright moon washed out some of the weaker meteors, it also lit up the landscape and casted beautiful moving shadows. Perfect conditions for timelapse filmmaking!

In this film you’ll see dozens of meteors against a foreground of joshua trees, rock formations, and the winter night sky. There’s also lightning, sunrises, sunsets and some beautifully shot day to night and night to day timelapse sequences.

This film was shot completely in 5K raw. It was made by a small talented crew of timelapse newbies over a 5 day timelapse workshop I taught in Joshua Tree. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

All shots are available for licensing.

About the workshop:
Taught by timelapse filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, participants learned how to shoot everything from static to motion-controlled, day to night, and astro timelapses. The 5 day workshop also covered how to process raw 5K images into Ultra HD resolution 4K videos.

Special thanks to Eric Kessler and the crew at Kessler Crane for supplying the motion control devices for our participants. Shot with Kessler Pocket Dolly, Cineslider, Shuttle Pod Mini, Shuttle Pod, 3 axis Cinedrive, and Oracle controllers.

We would also like to welcome and thank our new sponsor, LRTimelapse. Gunther generously provided the software we used to help process our timelapse sequences.

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Music : Human Nature by Justin R. Durban

Workshop sponsored by Kessler Crane and LRTimelapse