Copyright informations
You are NOT allowed to use any of this footage without purchasing a license – this also applies for non-commercial use. Any use without a license for commercial or non-commercial/private use will be prosecuted. My footage has been featured in well-known TV-Productions (BBC Nature,…) and in multiple projects of globally active organizations (Google LTD, WWF,…).

Please note that for around 80% of the images shown here, special flight permits are required, which must be issued by the FOCA (Swiss Aviation Authority). Some flights that were still possible at the time of the recordings are no longer possible due to new legislation (Alpstein flight ban). It was also special permits that made the recordings in the Zermatt region above and on the high mountains possible at all. Especially in these mountains around Zermatt, helicopters are practically always in the air. I had a mountain guide and AirZermatt helper with me, who informed the flight control center about every single flight by radio and so the control center was constantly informed about the current position of the drone. The laws are constantly being adapted and the European Drone Act will soon follow, which will soon put a stop to legal pluralism. To protect pilots and passengers AND so that flying multicopters / drones will continue to be possible. Special permits for film shootings or other recordings can be obtained from Skyguide Special Flight Office or at the nearby airport / airfield.

Cinematography: Stefan Forster
Support: Air Zermatt
Cut and Editing: Stefan Forster
Music: Richard Canavan / Dream Cave
Drone: Mavic & Phantom Series / D-Log 4K 30P HQ
Software: Davinci Resolve Studio 17