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Steven Ross at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2013 Boulder

Title: Energy medicine, a view through two of the most powerful light source microscopes ever invented

Run time: 00:49:46 min
Speaker: Steven Ross
Produced by: Globalbem
Language: English

Presentation : Dr. Ross will discuss both the Rife Universal Microscope and the Nemescope. Royal R. Rife invented a microscope that allowed the discovery of specific frequencies that would devitalize or destroy microbes and viruses that were the cause of more than 60 diseases and illnesses. Dr. Ross has possessed this one and only microscope as well as hundreds of original documents and laboratory notes from the Rife laboratories in the 1930s. Dr. Elmer Nemes developed his Nemescope that saw down to the atomic level in the early 1950s. This microscope was 60 times more powerful than the Rife microscope and allowed pictures of the energy bonds between atoms, the viewing of magnetic flux lines around the poles of magnets and original pictures of the cancer virus live at 3.5 million diameters. Dr. Ross will discuss what these discoveries tell us regarding energy and its influence on diseases and illnesses. What we really know regarding energy medicine and what we might do in the future.


Steven Ross, founder of the World Research Foundation, discusses Royal Rife and the history of his controversial microscope and technology. The World Research Foundation locates, gathers, codifies, evaluates, classifies and disseminates information dealing with health and the environment. Royal Rife and Rife technology has been hotly debated over the decades and few have the real inside information. Steven has the whole story and dispels some myths and urban legends. He also explains why the Rife machines sold today are probably scams. At the end of his life Royal was a penniless drunk, abandoned by his former medical friends. He met John Crane, to whom he gave his information and microscope. Crane asked Steven to take the microscope and get it working again but later, with card flashing lawyers, took it all back. Steven A. Ross, Ph.D is co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation. For nearly 40 years he has researched and lectured around the world. He has delivered over 200 lectures and made presentations to various worldwide government agencies, hospital networks, and has been interviewed on more than 150 radio programs and 15 regional and national television programs. He has been and expert witness for the City of Los Angeles and consulted for the insurance industry… (interview with Regina Meredith)

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