Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – Ending

For long this world has been subject to a great many hurts and vigorous suppression of the free spirit. This time is ending and we will collectively heal our wounds and limiting belief structures.
As we explore ourselves we realise that we create our own reality. And any thought that limits or takes us in a dark direction is just lack of imagination. Become creative with your life, take charge and dare to dream of a better world.
As we lay behind us a long time of “dark thought forms” and go towards ever greater times our galactic families rejoice throughout the cosmos! We will be together in paradise. If you can imagine a future for yourself that is bright you will also do it for the world. Trust in yourself and life and this journey will be a playful experience.
Give yourself time and use whatever tools available to regain faith in yourself and the world as a beautiful and loving place. The most healing emotions are Love and Gratitude, feel more of that. Start small if you must and build upon that, just do not stop evolving.
Celebrate life and come together with others that wants to see the same kind of world where peace, love, harmony, understanding and abondance for all are at the base of our society. This is not utopian, it is possible if you believe it is.
We will learn to use the resources of this planet in a sustainable and harmonic way, it will be better than anything we can imagine.

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