RISE of The Feminine (EPIC VIDEO)


It’s time to restore balance in the Planet! This EPIC VIDEO calls us to rise and bring the Feminine Energy to its sovereign place. This short film, featuring dancers and artists from all over the world, speaks of the rise of the feminine that exists outside of gender. The feminine that has been suppressed for Millennia and is rising now! You are being called to take part on a planetary revolution, a movement of human awakening that takes place within each and every individual. This movement aims to inspire the collective to embody our human potential, bringing us back to empowerment and personal freedom. The time to step up has arrived. Do you feel it too? The feminine is rising! It is only with the help of epic humans such as yourself, that our message of truth can rise to reach as many ears and eyes as possible. Please share this video! Subscribe to the channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/LaylaElKhadri We post regular art pieces to empower and inspire human awakening. Written & Directed by Layla El Khadri http://laylaelkhadri.com Filmed & Edited by Gianluca Fellini http://www.bluedreamescape.com Music by Baptiste Sejourne Produced with support One Billion Rising https://www.onebillionrising.org In co-creation with Seraina Duveen http://humanmovement.one Maria Teresa Chavez https://www.sacredearthwarriors.com Kamau Abayomi http://kamauabayomi.com