Ring of Fire – Extended: May 2012 Solar Eclipse Timelapse over White Pocket, AZ


Timelapse video of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse as seen over White Pocket, Arizona. The new cut includes a composite wide shot of White Pocket with the eclipse. It also includes a more stabilized timelapse of the eclipse via telescope.

This trip involved driving over deep sand into the Vermillion Cliffs wilderness to one of my favorite spots in the Southwest. White Pocket was just a few miles south of the center line for the eclipse so you can see the ring of fire. Watch for the surprise towards the end.

Wide angle was shot with the Canon 5D Mk III with 14mm.The eclipse in the shot was captured separately with a Canon 5D Mk II, 300mm with 1.4 lens converter, and Losmandy polar aligned GEM motor.

Telescope shot was with Canon 5D Mk II mounted on a Celestron CPC 925XLT Telescope with a white light solar filter. 2350mm equivalent focal length.

Available in 4K.

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