Redefining Family


We see so many people are left alone. Why? Because of the concept of family. The very idea about family itself need to be questioned. This is the problem in this world. Our family structure. How we recognize what is family. When you consider who is inside in my house is my family, naturally I have to take everything who is outside of the house to take care of the people who is inside of the house.

Speaker 1: To the people I love, nothing else matters.

Speaker  2: Hear, hear.

Guruji Sri Vast:

That’s why the whole world looks the way it is now. We have so much poor people everywhere who don’t have even the basic. Then we have so much rich people whose interest is not very basic, something else. It’s really interesting to live in the imbalanced society. What is [inaudible 00:02:16]? What is family? Love and acceptance. Where I can be as I am. Where I’m not judged. That is the family.

Speaker 3: What are you doing?

Speaker 4: What do you care anyway?

Speaker 3: A minute ago, all I could think about was getting my next fix and then I saw you and I changed my thinking.

Speaker 4: Oh, please. Go away. Trust me.

Speaker 3: Have a cup of coffee with me?

Speaker 4: What?

Speaker 3: Do me favor, save my life.

Guruji Sri Vast:

If the concept of family is love and acceptance, my God, every family you can have so many people. You can love more people. You can accept more people. You can stop judging more people. You can include more people in your family. No one need to be alone. You’ll have total different kind of society, different kind of living experience in this planet.

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