Planetary Mission: Unique Self Symphony of Human Genius, Innovation & Synergy


Brought to you by Universal Co-creators from across many projects & sectors. Special thanks to Barbara Marx Hubbard as well as to Best of Humanity & Sunrise Ranch in Colorado for hosting/catalyzing the Emerging Tech Summit where we all had the chance to connect & play together, and to all of the beautiful people who were part of the production and content of this video. Very special thanks to the video production team of Sunrise Ranch who are acknowledged in the closing credits. Best of Humanity Barbara Marx Hubbard Sunrise Ranch Some of the featured co-creators and projects Fredrick Laloux Nodesphere OneSphera Noomap Tangle Daniel Raphael… GroupUp The Magic Canoe… Superluminal The Light Beings Community The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0… VillageLab Please pardon me if I have left people out, please let me know and I will edit this description. Video produced by Ana Negron-Navarro