RiSE Mojave October 1st and 2nd 2021

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It feels almost to good to be true to be gathering again! Saying “we’re excited to see you all again” feels small and cliche compared with what’s in our hearts. We hope you’ve all been well! Here’s to a beautiful year to come! Tickets are available at RiseFestival.com beginning April 1st at 9:00 am PST.… Read more »

The Healing Power Of Compassionate Listening | Lael Stone

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Support the creation of more videos like this: https://www.patreon.com/sustainablehuman‚Äč Story by Lael Stone What was it like when you were four years old and you felt angry or sad or frustrated? How did the adults in your life respond to you? There are three ways that human beings typically respond to their emotions and those… Read more »

Revolutionary FARM-BASED food system in the heart of New York City!

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Born out of the 2008 financial crisis, Project Eats is pioneering a revolutionary farm-centric food system right in the heart of New York City! With around half a dozen in-ground and rooftop farms in 4 of New York City’s 5 boroughs, Project Eats is making fresh, nutrient-dense veggies available to underserved communities throughout the city.… Read more »

Helena Norberg Hodge – Ecovillages: the heart of the economics of happiness

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GEN+20 Summit Check out www.ecovillages.org  

Permaculture Paradise: Designing a Food Park at Edgewood Gardens

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Our Fertile Earth, Inc., brought together volunteers from PermacultureJax and other organizations to build a permaculture garden for the local residents.

Heal your Soul ūü¶Ö Ancestral Chants from the Native Americans

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Let this powerful music of the Native Americans bring you spiritual healing and connection to the ancestral essence of your soul. For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of America used to chant in groups to connect to the Great Spirit, which we find in nature and within ourselves. Listening to these chants may guide… Read more »

THIS is the Good Life // Season 2 Trailer

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Meet the new generation of farmers who are uniting and feeding communities in times of greatest need. Witness the struggles as they fight against all odds to save their farms and fulfill their calling. Season 2 premieres Sunday, January 24 at 7pm Central. New short films every month, plus full interviews and all new farm… Read more »

Leadership in a new age

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Sacred Planet (2004) – Trailer

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This IMAX film shows exotic places that still exist and gives new insights into the Earth’s diverse landscapes, peoples and animals. From the last remaining old growth forests of British Columbia, the snowy peaks and glaciers of Alaska, the red rock canyons of Utah and Arizona, the tropical jungles and underwater mysteries of Borneo, the… Read more »

Imagine for 1 Minute

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#ImagineFor1Minute‚Äč what a better future looks like. Is it a world where we respect and honor nature? Where no more species go extinct because of humanity‚Äôs impact on the planet? Where leaders prioritize nature and the health of our planet? We have a responsibility to do better. Now is the time to talk about the… Read more »