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As children, we all were filled with wonder and love for the world around us, but for every single one of us, a time came when our connection with the earth was ruptured. Awake in the Dream shares one woman’s journey back to that space of wonder. Filled with renowned speakers, profound insights, and simplicity,… Read more »

A Different Life – stories of transformation and rebirth

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A Different Life explores the power of the connection to oneself and to the Earth, met through the foundations of silence and inner inquiry. Set in an eco village in the forest of Costa Rica, the film meets three women in different aspects of alternative daily life. Through these perspectives and a guiding narrative from… Read more »

Magical 28-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – Growing Wild Together

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Watch the prequel to this film from 2016 :   In “Growing Wild Together” we return to the nearly 30-year-old food forest growing on the edge of a small town in the very south of Aotearoa New Zealand. The forest, previously an abandoned section filled with rubbish and burnt house remains, was the subject… Read more »

Love Thy Nature – Official Trailer

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Narrated by Liam Neeson and winner of 27 awards, LOVE THY NATURE points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature, and takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. The film shows that a renewed connection with nature is key both to our personal… Read more »

The Way of the Psychonaut [Trailer]

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The Way of the Psychonaut explores the life and work of Stanislav Grof, a psychedelic psychotherapy pioneer, creator of Holotropic Breathwork and founder of Transpersonal Psychology. Stan’s quest for knowledge influenced psychology and profoundly changed many lives. Can be seen on

Rise for Bodies of all Women, Girls and the Earth (ONE BILLION RISING TAMERA 2022)

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Artistic Film about Tamera‘s participation in One Billion Rising 2022 “Rise for Bodies of all Women, Girls and the Earth” – was this year’s call for action from OBR to end gender based violence and climate distruction. This year Tamera didn’t document the OBR dance like usual but invited the film-maker Henry Sperling to produce… Read more »

Aloneness to Oneness – Spiritual Documentary Film on Non-duality | This Will AWAKEN You

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Only 5% of the stuff in our universe is made up of normal matter, but that is where most of us put 100% of our focus and attention. This creates an illusion of separateness where we believe we are alone and that when our material body dies, that’s the end. We even call this stuff… Read more »