Allan Adams: The discovery that could rewrite physics

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On March 17, 2014, a group of physicists announced a thrilling discovery: the “smoking gun” data for the idea of an inflationary universe, a clue to the Big Bang. For non-physicists, what does it mean? TED asked Allan Adams to briefly explain the results, in this improvised talk illustrated by Randall Munroe of xkcd. TEDTalks… Read more »

Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space

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There’s an astronaut saying: In space, “there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.” So how do you deal with the complexity, the sheer pressure, of dealing with dangerous and scary situations? Retired colonel Chris Hadfield paints a vivid portrait of how to be prepared for the worst in space (and… Read more »

Interstellar Movie – Official Teaser

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From Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is in theaters November 2014.

Deep Universe: Hubble’s Universe Unfiltered

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Take a look at some of the most distant galaxies Hubble has ever seen, and find out why, when we look at the most distant objects in the universe, we are also seeing the cosmos’ earliest objects. “Hubble’s Universe” is a recurring broadcast from HubbleSite, online home of the Hubble Space Telescope. Astrophysicist Frank Summers… Read more »

One of Carl Sagan’s most pertinent messages for humanity

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“Those worlds in space are as countless as all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the Earth. Each of those worlds is as real as ours. In every one of them, there’s a sucsession of incidence, events, occurences which influence its future. Countless worlds, numberless moments, an immensity of space and time.… Read more »

How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

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Even when you are sitting completely still, you are still moving extremely fast! Trace thought it would be fun to figure out just how fast we are all moving! How Fast Are You Moving When You Are Sitting Still?… “When, after a long day of running around, you finally find the time to relax… Read more »

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

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image I’ve recently discovered an animation that was rendered using the measured redshift of all 10,000 galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image. I’ve written a short script that leads you through a quick history of both deep field images and this video ends with a fly-through of the Ultra Deep Field.… Read more »

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

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The “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” documentary film broadcast on National Geographic and Discovery Channels. It documents a space journey from Earth to the edge of the universe itself. The US edition was narrated by Alec Baldwin, the UK edition by Sean Pertwee. Using one single, unbroken shot, Journey to the Edge of… Read more »

Stargaze HD: Universal Beauty

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StarGaze HD brings the beauty and majesty of the Universe to your HD Home Theatre. Journey beyond the stars with images from the Hubble Space Telescope Spitzer Space Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. With over an hour of astounding images set to ambient music StarGaze HD will quickly become a favorite in your Blu-ray… Read more »

Exploring Space: Cosmic Revolutionaries

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“What the space age was seeking all along was not so much an expansion of physical space as an expansion of mind.” -Marina Benjamin Read more about this video on HuffPost Good News:… Upworthy:… Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human… Read more »