OZORA Festival 2015 (Official Video)


The official OZORA Festival video from 2015.


rules for watching:
1. switch to 720p or 1080p
2. full screen
3. turn up the volume!!

WEB: http://www.ozorafestival.eu/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ozora.Festiv


00:00 Merkaba “Solar Ohm”
/written and produced by Yaygon Lamagaia, released by Merkaba Music in 2012/

04:05 [De]composer – Etude Simple II “Aleksej” (Master Margherita Remix)
/mixed by, producer, remix – Master Margherita, written by Agostino Maria Ticino, Carlo Marchionni, Moreno Antognini/

06:16 Future Frequency “Transmission”
/written & produced by Leon Kane and Joe Markendale, released on Nano Records in 2015/

08:34 Martian Arts & Psykick “Ashvem Beats (432Hz 12-Tet)”
/written and produced by Nectarios Meidanis & Jonas Kersten, released by TIP Records in 2015/

10:50 1200 Micrograms “Shiva’s India” (Outsiders Remix)
/written & produced by Raja Ram, David Christman, Shajahan Matkin, Bansi Quinteros, remixed by Haim Lev & Guy Malka, released on Tip Records in 2015/

14:50 Benji Vaughan “Everything In Colour”
/written & produced by Benji Vaughan, released on Twisted Records in 2013/

20:16 Ott. “Harwell Dekatron”
/written & produced by Ott, released on Ottsonic Music in 2015/

21:48 Kalya Scintilla “Ver La Luz”
/written & produced by Kalya Scintilla, spanish spoken word & directed by Eve Olution, released on Merkaba Music in 2014/

25:33 Novelty Engine “WobbleGum”
/written & produced by Ajja S.F. Leu, vocals by Cedric Myton and R.Zee Jackson, Unreleased/

27:33 Dust “Mantra”
/written & produced by Andrea Lunghi, released on Digital Om Productions in 2015/

29:04 Ajja & Jovis “Dopaque”
/written & produced by Ajja S.F. Leu and Jovis Burk, released on Digital Om Productions in 2015/

31:16 Fagin’s Reject “The Filth Element”
/written & produced by Phil Getty, released on Wild Things Records in 2014/

33:33 Bwoy De Bhajan “Mubar Camel Liquor”
/written & produced by Soren Thygesen, released on Shanti Planti in 2014/

38:38 Nanoplex “Double Drop”
/written & produced by Ben Coda and Chris Williams, released on Liquidtek in 2013/

42:55 The Overlords “God’s Eye On Goa” (Ticon Remix)
/written & produced by Christian Johansson & Rune Bendixen, remixed by Filip Mardberg & Fredrik Gilenholt, released on Iboga Records in 2015/

45:04 Loud & Burn in Noise “A Real Good Time”
/written and produced by Eitan Reiter, Kobi Toledano and Gustavo Manfroni, released on Nano Records in 2015/

47:49 Eat Static “Odious Odium”
/written & produced by Merv Pepler and Steve Everitt, released on Mesmobeat in 2015/

50:35 Gaudi “Spiritual Orphans”
/written & produced by Gaudi, guitar by Michele Vicentini, vocals by Greg Sams, released on Wakyo Records in 2013/

film by Pumpui

produced by O.Z.O.R.A. Festival
Dániel Zimányi, Árpád Zimányi

Attila Nikléczy

Erik Kocsis

in collaboration with SoulSafari Collective
Serhan Meewisse, Rene Huwae, Taner Akyuz

Krisztián Pamuki, Pawel Wieloch, Attila Nikléczy, György Reznik, Dániel Kotócz, ‎Ákos Plesznivy, János Horváth, Erik Kocsis, Attila Bohács, Péter Busák, Balázs Horváth

aerial footage
Magyar Gergely, Veress József
Pawel Wieloch
Stefan RE:SORB

additional footage
Ferko Port, Andrea Port / independent reality films
Sam Angeli / Sam Point
Ben Kirschenbaum
FOTOKRU (Sergej Semibratov, Milan Lazarevic, Uroš Šterbenk)
Shlomi Yehezkel, Angel IS

Erik Kocsis, Krisztián Pamuki, Ádám Bedzsula

music selection
Csaba Gyócsos (Dj Tsubi)

Bence Kabán

Zsolt Rostás

logo design
Gábor Tóth (Henzi)

visual footage
Global Illumination

shiva edit
Zsuzso Koszti

special thanks to the whole Ozora crew and the
Zimányi family (Dániel, Árpád, Dániel Jr., Erzsébet, Andrea)