Our True Significance


Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

Directed and filmed by James Hollins of Wilderness Media.

Produced by Alex Mason of Wilderness Media.


Our story, is the story of the universe. Every piece of everyone, everything you love, everything you hate, and the thing you hold most precious, was assembled by the forces of nature in the first few minutes of the life of the universe. Transformed in the hearts of stars, or created in their fiery deaths. And when you die, those pieces will be returned to the universe in the endless cycle of death and rebirth. What a wonderful thing it is, to be a part of that universe—and what a story, what a majestic story. – Brian Cox, OBE.

Our True Significance is a short timelapse film displaying some of earth’s greatest views. Our goal was to show people that no matter how small you feel compared to a mountain, or how trivial you feel when gazing up at the stars, we are all part of the bigger picture, and not mere observers.

After two years in the making and over 12,000 miles travelled, we proudly present Our True Significance. Shot in Tenerife, Italy, France, Scotland, and England.

Our True Significance is the compilation of 2 years of timelapse photography, showcases the different places that James Hollins and Joshua Cole travelled to. Throughout their journey, they encountered many unexpected problems, varying from losing all their footage shot from the summit of El Teide, to being eaten alive by the Mighty Midges in the Scottish Highlands. However, more importantly they had an incredible time and gained numerous memories, which will never be forgotten.

James Hollins:
“I can honestly say that without the support from my longest serving friend, Josh, that this film would not have been made. If it’s hiking up a mountain in 40C degree heat wearing 30KG backpacks, or being in need of rescue after falling in a swamp, Josh has always been by my side to help me through. Cheers mate!”

If you have any questions about the film, we welcome you to write a comment and look forward to answering any we receive.

We hope you enjoy the film.

Wilderness Media

Equipment Used:
Kessler Cineslider 5′ + ORACLE Control System – kesslercrane.com
Canon 5Dii
Canon 7D
Canon 16-35mm 2.8
Canon 24mm 1.4
Nikon 14-24mm 2.8
Lee Filters
Manfrotto Tripods
FStopGear Bag

Available in 4K
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Music: Rebirth – Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix, and Michal Cielecki.
Licensed by Extreme Music