4K Dreamy landscapes from above Norway

In April of this year, a couple of adventure-seeking friends and I took off to Norway from LAX. I knew what to expect based on Google images and travel blogs but I also know how easy it can be to sell a location by a photo or two. The thing about Norway is that the sights I enjoyed the most were usually en route to our destinations – things that weren’t already pitched to me in internet photographs. The routes we drove had more tunnels and bridges than what I have encountered in a lifetime. We were constantly crossing over bodies of water (fjords!) and driving through mountains that were too massive to drive over or around. Each time our car emerged from a tunnel, the light would bring us a new majestic environment, one after another. I jokingly compared this phenomenon as watching a television that only subscribed to nature channels, and each time we went into a tunnel, we were changing the channel. This said, I bring you the N O R W A Y channel – a montage of footage taken on the route between Oslo and Bergen, but mainly up north around Lofoten.

Shot with a phantom 3 pro