Medicine Festival 2020


As our hearts continue to echo with the deep, everlasting reverberation of gratitude for this years Medicine gathering taking place, even amidst this unprecedented time of great change, transition and metamorphosis; the time to share the story has arrived 🕯️

We present you with the Medicine Festival 2020 aftermovie; a tale of wisdom keepers, story tellers, healers, artists, DJ’s, musicians, activists, medicine women and men coming together in community to share knowledge, and empower the Medicine family 👁️

For centuries we have been actively called home, called to remember our purpose here on this planet, called to evoke our resonance with all that is and called to recalibrate how we walk across the belly of Pachamama.

We each have been gifted the opportunity to seed our intentions within every breath, thought and action; allowing us each to make a conscious contribution to the collective. We invite you to walk with us, to remember with us and to recalibrate with

Join the Medicine Festival family from 19th – 21st August 2021

Medicine is a registered Community Interest Company (C.I.C). All profits will go to help empower indigenous peoples to preserve and protect their land, traditions and wisdom.