Mamos Arctic Circle Harpa Reykjavík – October 19, 2023


The Mamos call to the Arctic Arctic Circle Harpa

Reykjavík October 19, 2023


The Mamos of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, representatives of the Kaggabba Nation in Colombia, also known as the Kogi, have requested to travel to the Arctic North starting with Greenland and Iceland this year – as part of a long-term commitment to o ering Pagamentos, Earth Payments, to the planet’s natural sites.

The Mamos have been instructed to come to the Arctic North o ering traditional earth payments to Northern natural Sacred Sites, to support the balancing of the elements which currently are strongly impacting Climate Change events. They bring an important message to the People of the North facing climate change impact

The Fountain CSS, Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations, Center for Sacred Studies, ARCTICPORTAL.ORG, Wisdom Keepers. #kogi #mamos #wisdom #nature– Annette Ericsdotter