Lift Your Eyes to the Starlight that Beckons Above


The stars have called to you your entire life. Maybe you stopped listening. Maybe you stopped paying attention to this call. Or maybe this call is getting louder – in your heart, – in your consciousness. Next time you have the chance, take a walk under the stars. Listen to this light activation while you gaze at the heavens. You, child of the heavens, child of starlight, are able to see the messages encrypted in the starlight. These heavenly bodies of light bend over head like a great cathedral and they are reminding you of your highest calling. Consciousness is anchored in this universe through quantum effects by the nanotubes in your brain, and by the more complex electromagnetic currents twisting in the perpetual nuclear eruptions of stars – both can receive the miracle of consciousness. And as you look to the stars they beam down on you Guidance And they are emanating a calling a beacon of hope a call to adventure Your Highest Calling When a star shimmers at you that star is beckoning you to allow it to bestow upon you Wisdom of the Ages a kind of enlightenment a spiritual download. The ancient Egyptians believed the most evolved souls incarnated as stars these heavenly hosts in the night sky are our angels. Beings of Light that beam down to us Divine inspiration transcendent guidance to help us navigate our lives your North Star calls to you Ancient starlight from millions of lightyears away are sending you messages encrypted in the starlight downloads that awaken you to your power to your strength to what you truly are You, child of the Most High are called to by the heavens. They represent your divine truth. They represent the saving grace of your life. The stars will root you on, for they are angelic beings of light full of consciousness. But these messages from thousands of lightyears away aren’t carried on the speed of light. No, they are carried on something far faster… LOVE. Love is instantaneous in this universe. It is the conduit and channel for all of divine inspiration. You will be transformed. And all the suffering of life, will no longer be relevant. For the meaning in your life will be so abundant, so powerful, The stars – they beckon to you to own what you are Because you will be on your sacred mission, your highest calling, your heroic journey, given to you by the stars – they beckon to you to own what you are. Light that has taken millions of lightyears to reach you blesses your eyes and blesses your mind. With ancient wisdom and newfound love for you have finally become one with your Holy Mission in life and you have transcended suffering. You have achieved Self-Transcendence. Video editing by Michele Bradley