How Exactly is the Human Body Organized?


Welcome to Seeker’s newest series, Human! » Subscribe to Seeker! » Visit our shop at This Seeker health mini-series will take a deep dive into the cellular structures, human systems, and overall anatomy that work together to keep our bodies going. Using the visual structure and quick pacing of Seeker’s Sick series, these human bio-focused episodes will give a new audience an inside look at what’s happening inside all of us. In this episode of Human, we explore biological organization (the hierarchy of complex biological structures), and take a closer look of the integumentary system—which includes the skin and its appendages that derive from the epidermis. Keep an eye out for new episodes every Thursday, we’re so excited to get started. #Health #Human #Anatomy #Biology #Seeker #Science Visit the Seeker website Subscribe now!… Seeker on Twitter Seeker on Instagram Seeker on Facebook