Gnostic Teachings & The UNTOLD TRUTH of Mary and Jesus | Lars Muhl


Here I meet with Lars Muhl in Denmark, a dedicated mystic and spiritual teacher. In this interview he delves into the realms of the ethereal and shares profound insights into Mary Magdalene’s hidden teachings. Lars also reveals his extraordinary journey from painful kundalini experiences to the transformative encounter with “The Seer”. From a young age, Lars glimpsed another reality, propelled by the loss of his sister. These encounters opened his senses to the ethereal worlds and bestowed upon him a heightened empathic insight. At 15, an anonymous book, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s “Gayan, Nirtan, Vadan,” sparked a lifelong esoteric study, paving the way for his spiritual path. Lars Muhl, an acclaimed Danish author, musician, and mystic, has penned remarkable books such as “The O Manuscript” and “The Law of Light.” His trilogy, “The Seer,” chronicles his encounters with The Seer and delves deep into Mary Magdalene’s role as a spiritual teacher and influential figure within early Christianity. Drawing from Gnostic Christianity, Kabbalah, and Sufism, Lars weaves together personal experiences and teachings from these ancient traditions, unveiling a unique and profound spiritual perspective