Finding Home Trailer


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Finding Home is a unique documentary about trafficking, as the stories go far beyond the actual trafficking experiences. Finding Home shows in depth the struggle, growth, and challenges that come with trying to pick a life back up after it has been fragmented. Each of these three young women has a unique story with unique hurdles to overcome. The difficulties and complexities of learning how to deal with life after horrific abuse by slave owners and men looking to exploit sex with underage girls are unpacked in a way that communicates cross-culturally and proves the connectivity in the human spirit.

Finding Home reminds us that we are all connected in our humanity; that we are all looking for a place of love, acceptance and community…a place called home.

Also if you want more information about the organization the is shown in the trailer/film check them out.

A Flying Treasure Production –
Directed by: Derek Hammeke
Music by: Tony Anderson –
Sound Design: Defacto –
Trailer Music by: Ryan Taubert – licensed through The Music Bed.