Final Frontier – A Journey Through the Solar System


Final Frontier is a tribute to the scientists, technicians, engineers, astronomers, astrophysicists, and dreamers who push the boundaries of human knowledge and innovation ever forward. The footage in this video is real, and was captured by probes and astronauts from space. Additionally, this video was structured in such a way as to show just how important and amazing our Earth is. The solar system as a whole is a dangerous and inhospitable place, except for one extraordinarily unique, life giving, blue planet. A thin layer of atmosphere is all that separates us from oblivion.

Music copyright: Danny Odom – MODE/Licensed through Musicbed

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This video is in no way endorsed by any of the following agencies. Please see these links for any image related searches. Or if you want to learn more about how awesome (and utterly inhospitable) space is!

A note on how I acquired this footage. Everything in this video was taken from either videos (just a couple of the solar shots from the SDO site / Venus transit and end solar shot, but edited to look better for my tastes), or turned into time lapse via jpeg/png files through individual stills/series of stills that I downloaded from the various sites linked below (sometimes one at a time due to some awful interfaces (looking at you DSCOVR and Rosetta). Nothing was taken from other space related time lapse videos that this video may be similar to. Although this material is all public domain, I am not trying to copy anyone. In fact, I think this is the first video to encompass most of the main missions where science has been awesome enough to include half decent cameras into their probes (or taken by astronauts). As stated at the top, this is just a tribute. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while now…finally got it done.

NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams (the solar stuff)

ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0 (tumbling comet sequence)

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington
(panning craters on Mercury)

Project Apollo (the famous earthrise)

DSCOVR: EPIC (Earth spinning and moon photobombing Earth selfie)

Cassini Solstice Mission (moons, rings, Saturn!)

Dawn/Ceres (Ceres spinning)

New Horizons/Pluto (Opening photo)

Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center (all low earth orbit and aurora imagery)

NASA (other stuff I may have missed?)

Voyager/Jupiter gif – Thanks to Peter Rosén for the link!

Sorry Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune…couldn’t manage any decent sequences. Maybe in a decade or two?