Experience Freedom


Produced by ExperienceSeries.com. Edited and distributed by InfinityList.com.

Special thanks to:
Ossie Khan
Roberta Mancino
Chris “Douggs” McDougall
Joby Ogwyn
Jeff Nebelkopf
Barry Holubeck

Other skydivers:
Alana Jade Bertram
Vicki Allen
Jill Grantham
Brett Newman
Adrian Aquardo
Jon DeWet
Haas Herbert

Aerobatic Pilot: Ben Lappin

Chapter 1: Experience Human Flight – http://youtu.be/wSouHGE5Fbc
Chapter 2: Experience Zero Gravity – http://youtu.be/y1Nbcm31JzM

Light off – Music up – Full screen!

We are very proud to be working with the some of the worlds most talented Skydive, Base Jumping and Wingsuit athletes. Our aim through this video is to showcase their work and open the doors for other athletes and filmmakers and provide opportunities for greater exposure. This is The INFINITY LIST Mission and we do it in eight adventure sports categories. It’s what we do.

Shot on a GoPro.

Music: Immediate Music — “Surrender To Hope”

The Experience Freedom Journey will take you through the world of skydiving and Base Jumping in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world.

Special Thanks to the following:

Fr. Tedd Rudd 1976 — 2011
Thank you for bringing colour to so many peoples lives.

Chris “Douggs McDougall

Roberta Mancino

Barry Holubeck

Jeff Nebelkopf

Ben Lappin
2009 National Intermediate Champion
2008 New South Wales Champion
2008 3rd place Victorian Championsips
2008 Victorian Sportsman Champion

5D Wingsuiting’s Brett Newman and Adrian Acquado

Yarra Valley Helicopter. Craig and Andy

Brad Goble, Pat Smith, Chas Mackinnon, Ossie Khan, Vicki Allen, Alana Jayde Bertram, Jill Grantham, Justin De Waad, Haas Herbert, Jon DeWet, Mike Tibbits, Tom Sierakowski

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