Evette Rose & Teal Swan – The Metaphysical Root Cause of Illnesses and Ailments


In conventional medicine one claims that ailments, illnesses, sickness and diseases are caused by physical causes. The teachers and authors Evette Rose and Teal Swan believe otherwise.

Evette Rose is a life coach and a personal development teacher and the author of the book “Metaphysical Anatomy, your body is talking, are you listening”. This book is about illnesses from A – Z and includes a step-by-step guide for identifying the origin of the disease process, whether it be in your ancestry, conception, womb, birth or childhood. http://www.metaphysicalanatomy.com/

Teal Swan is the author of the Completion Process, the practise of putting yourself back together again. Teal sees The Completion Process as the key to all healing. Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma to some degree that continues to influence our lives today. This is a technique that goes to the core of all problems, where suffering begins in our lives.The Completion Process unhooks us from those past experiences and integrates our fractured aspects, rejoining us with our present day self.www.tealswan.com

You can find Evette Rose’s book “Metaphysical Anatomy” and Teal swan’s “The Completion Process” here http://wisdomfromnorth.com/evette-ros…

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