Everything WILL Change (Bashar, Alan Watts, Pleiadians, Charles Chaplin)


Everything is changing right now, at this moment, and will be changing forever,
but more profound and more recognizable positive changes are just ahead of us 🙂 … enjoy and feel it now!

I do not own copyrights for contents in this video.
It’s cut from amazing sessions/movies/videos/timelapses
made by amazing artists – all credit goes to them – everyone is mentioned in below.

It’s mean’t for educational, informational and ascensional purposes only (including other positive ones… :))

Music: Blackmill – Friend | Inception – Time
Audio: Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) | Collective Oversoul of Essassani Society (channeled by Darryl Anka) | Alan Watts | The Pleiadian Collective (channeled by Wendy Kennedy) | Charles Chaplin
Video: Darryl Anka (sessions) | The Great Dictator (movie) | The Fountain (movie) | Baraka (documentary) | Kanye West (album movie clip) | Elysium (movie) | Meet Me in Big Sur (video by Andrew Julian) | The Mountain (timelapse by Terje Sorgjerd)