“EPIPHANIES” Short Film featuring Jain 108


My mission has always been straightforward, yet a powerful one: to create a mass-scale transformation of Education in Mathematics and Meditation, one that empowers every citizen in the world with the high visual content of all the Codes of Creation and the Art of Number. Such a Curriculum honours all cultures and all masters, to have our students stand on the shoulders of those Wise Ones who preceded them, to add more to this Knowledge that promotes care and respect for the Environment that unites us All. Our Education system is based on being Shareable, Recognizing that Mathematics is a Universal Star Language based on Pattern Recognition, we aim for Global Literacy, not just for a higher IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) but for a raised EQ (Emotional Intelligence) similar to the Cochlioid which demonstrates Maths With Heart. Jain 108 Film Credit: https://www.klout.tv/ Study with Jain: https://jain108academy.com