Earth Day 2020 – We can be the changers


I made this short film for Earth Day Network because I wanted to share some thoughts on connection. How important it is to everything about us. Our past. Our future. And the world around us. Connection is everywhere. Underneath our feet, in fact. The mushroom fungal network, also known as the mycelial network, gives us a glimpse of what is possible through connection. The mycelial network connects communities of living things and establishes shared economies where ecosystems can flourish without greed. This OG of operating systems offers crucial lessons from which we can learn to shift our behavior. We can evolve to have a symbiotic relationship with nature, where our planet is a part of us rather than something we occupy. During this time of social distancing, when our connection is more relevant than ever before, we need to recognize that what we do the earth, we do to ourselves. As we come out of this crisis, let’s hit the reset button and create a new normal where we live in harmony with our planet. This is our moment. Let’s be the Changers.