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Music: Beacons by Rob Fleming

This is my second video project taken with my Nikon D800, Nikon 35mm f/1.8, Nikon 50mm f/1.8, Nikon 85mm f/1.8 and a Samyang 14mm f/2.8

The footage was taken within the last year and I took about 35,000 pictures, however many clips didn’t make it in to this video, the final video consists of 15,000 single RAW photos.

All single videos are available in 4K for purchase, most of them have a resolution of 7360 x 4912 pixels.
contact: besler.jonathan [at] gmail.com

Shooting locations:

00:00 Hirschberg near Bad Hindelang
00:09 Hirschberg near Bad Hindelang
00:24 Hirschberg near Bad Hindelang
00:34 Ornach near Oberjoch
00:47 Iseler near Oberjoch
00:51 Iseler near Oberjoch
01:11 Grünten near Sonthofen
01:28 Ofterschwanger Horn
01:41 Schwarzenberg near Hinterstein
01:53 Hinanger Wasserfälle
01:58 Schwarzenberg near Hinterstein
02:10 Hinterstein
02:22 Imberger Horn near Bad Hindelang
02:31 Grünten near Sonthofen
02:43 Jägersberg near Oberstdorf
02:51 Köpfle near Hinterstein
03:00 Imberger Horn near Bad Hindelang
03:10 Near Bad Hindelang
03:18 Hinterstein
03:26 near Hinterstein
03:33 Ofterschwanger Horn
03:50 Ostrach near Hinterstein
03:58 Near Gailenberg
04:07 Burgberg
04:15 Ofterschwanger Horn
04:23 Ornach near Oberjoch
04:32 Iseler near Oberjoch
04:40 Ofterschwanger Horn
04:56 Near Tiefenbach/ Oberstdorf
05:05 Ofterschwanger Horn
05:22 Burgberg
05:31 Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf

Thank you for watching!