Curawaka – Te Nande (Official Video)


“Te Nande” – Curawaka From the album “Call of the Wild” (2019) Available for download at “Te Nande” – traditional song from the Yawanawa Nation of Brasil. Used with permission. Musicians: Vocals & guitar: Anna Bariyani Bass: Alberto Arroyo Charango, siku & quena: Tavo Vazquez Percussion: Txai Fernando Initial vision, filming, editing and production on Ibiza: Axel Hebenstreit – General editing and post-production: Matias Knudsen – Footage Tribu Yawanawa, Rio Gregorio, Acre, Brasil: Camilla Coutinho Silva and Anna Bariyani Assistance: Solveig T. Knudsen all rights reserved © Curawaka and Axel Hebenstreit