Birth of a New Earth


Imagine a life in which you are free to live with your family and friends in a Space of Love, abundant with organic living food, pure air and positive energy. No need to rush to work, waste time doing things you don’t want to do and no need to be in a presence of draining environments. Instead, you can live in the Earth Garden of Paradise with your loved ones and work on your spiritual development, while being in tune with Nature.

Imagine a world where people live in rich and abundant communities of Spaces of Love. A Space of Love is a novel regenerative environment that is part of a larger ecosystem and based on a circular flow of matter, energy and information. It is able to imitate natural processes, function like an ecosystem in its life cycle and generate new resources for every family’s needs. The Space of Love environment goes beyond sustainability and incorporates regenerative practices that enable natural and human environments to recover and thrive again.

These regenerative models and systems based on creation of Spaces of Love help strengthen the health and vitality of ecosystems, communities and build new and diverse networks and connections. As a result, there are increased yields, efficient use of resources and more liveable communities with healthier outcomes for everyone. These are just a few of the benefits of the regenerative whole system approach in Space of Love communities.

If this can be done on a large scale the world would be a different place. A place that might look close to its original pristine condition…. the Earth Garden of Paradise!
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– Inspired by The Ringing Cedars Books (Vladimir Megre)
– Music: Snowboy – Casa Forte
– Video Clips from YouTube Channels: РА ТВ Развивающее Телевидение & Видеограф Владивосток Находка
– Editing: Inglia Amora
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