Ayahuasca Special part 2: the ceremony | Drugslab


In the three-part Ayahuasca Special Bastiaan, Dzifa and Nellie participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. In this second part the presenters drink the Ayahuasca during a traditional ceremony. DRUGSLAB PLAYLIST: Spotify: http://bit.ly/drugslabspotify Apple Music: http://bit.ly/drugslabapplemusic INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/spuitenensl… OUR HOSTS: Nellie Benner: https://www.instagram.com/nelliebenner Bastiaan Rosman: https://www.instagram.com/bashiaanrosman Dzifa Kusenuh: https://www.instagram.com/wizkhadzifa/ ABOUT DRUGSLAB: Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs. On this channel, Nellie Benner, Bastiaan Rosman and Dzifa Kusenuh are trying out the drugs that you want to see tested. We do this in the name of science so that we can show the effects of drugs on the human body. You can let us know what type of drug you want to see tested by responding in the reaction section below the video or by using the hasd tag #drugslab. In addition to our weekly experiment, we provide you with information about safe use, safe dosing, the effects and risks, and a few do’s and don’ts if you use drugs. In the name of science! Peace. DRUGSLAB EXTRA In addition to our presenters testing drugs in the lab twice a month, Nellie, Bastiaan and Dzifa investigate the world of drugs. They go out twice a month to answer your questions. Because there is so much more to say about drugs. ABOUT BNNVARA: BNNVARA is a Dutch public broadcaster. The broadcaster of free, curious and social Netherlands. We keep kicking, but never without a reason. BNNVARA produces entertainment and informational programs, radio programs and feature films. Some programs address controversial issues such as organ donor deficiency, drugs and sex. WARNING: The above video serves an educational purpose in relation to the use of drugs and their effects. It is explicitly not the intention to encourage people to use drugs. The actions shown in the video are performed by professionals or under the strict supervision of professionals. Accordingly, BNNVARA and the producers of the program insist on no one attempting to recreate or imitate any act shown on the video and BNNVARA will not be liable for any material and / or intangible damage if people do so. ! More info about drugs: https://www.unity.nl