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You Won’t Believe This Is In Italy 4k

Before 2 years, I decided to make one of the biggest films i’ve ever made alone, and even during my studies in the university in Munich, exactly in mountains of Italy. This was the hardest challenge i’ve made in my life, since i decided to cover mo

publish September 9, 2019 50
TAMERA – An ecovillage for a new humanity (un écovillage pour une nouvelle humanité)

Après un passage d’un mois dans la communauté de Tamera, la Grande Coloc vous partage en vidéo le projet inspirant et percutant de cet écovillage situé dans le sud du Portugal. Centre holistique de recherche sur la paix et d’éducation, Tamera a vu le

publish September 9, 2019 86
Tamera – Taste of a New Culture – Documentary about Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal

Tamera is a peace-project where ~200 people research and manifest a New Culture based on cooperation with each other and nature. If there are questions, please ask away! Thanks again to all people in this project and all who helped me make this film! Bitcoin D

publish September 7, 2019 55
Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

A new world based on trust’: The vision of a global culture of peace described in less than five minutes. The english version of Dieter Duhm’s new book “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love” will be launched on Septembe

publish September 7, 2019 53
Avatar Featurette: Planet Pandora

Take a look behind the scenes of James Cameron’s AVATAR and enter a world beyond your imagination. Visit for more.

publish September 6, 2019 18
Moving Art Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 of Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg is now streaming with Netflix. This season Will explore Machu Picchu, Hokkaido Japan, Tahiti, Marquesas, New Zealand and Patterns of nature. Join over 300 million Netflix viewers around the globe who are moved by wo

publish September 5, 2019 41
Tale Of A Lake – Full movie

Subscribe to “LevelK – Documentaries” here:… The story of the film is told through tales that are based around the myths, legends and old beliefs that are part of the Finnish mythology. The first-pe

publish August 30, 2019 52
Tribute to Sean Stephenson: A Man That Will Never Be Forgotten

RIP Sean Stephenson, you will be deeply missed. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, interview you and get to share your wisdom with the world through Transcendence. It’s not very often someone of your character, wit, and compassion comes along. Someone

publish August 30, 2019 140
Q&A: Creating Environmentally Friendly Biomedical Healthcare

Question: How do we create more environmentally friendly biomedical healthcare. – Traditional people grow medicinal plants for alternatives to biomedicines. – They also stay healthier via lifestyle choices, not requiring medicine in the first place

publish August 26, 2019 35
Limitless clean energy that can make petrolium fuels obsolete

Bill Mollison explains what a trompe is and how compressed air can provide limitless amounts of clean energy using technology we have had for hundreds of years.

publish August 23, 2019 35
publish August 23, 2019 26
Permaculture’s Origin

Engaging in permaculture design feels natural to everyone because it’s based on nature itself. Check out the short trailer above, then click here to see the full 40-minute video:… Support us in making more films by

publish August 23, 2019 48

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