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Navajo Teachings: the law that sets all other laws… “Fundamental Law”

Yikáíí YizhchĮ́ (Fundamental Law) The law that sets all other laws. The law the Holy People live by. The law the cosmos exists by. The law nature follows. In this week’s video Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about fundamental law. A very deep and

publish May 4, 2021 74
Navajo Teachings: Prayer is the Umbilical Cord.

Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about Navajo prayers. Traditional teachings, teach… to be Diné you must pray. Some prayers are set prayers and others are personal. Turquoise also is an important part of prayer. It is said when we wear turquoise we ar

publish May 4, 2021 84
Wolfwalkers – Official Trailer

Are you ready for your next wild adventure? Discover the lost Irish legend of Wolfwalkers

publish April 27, 2021 115

We are living through a mental health epidemic. Anxiety and depression are reaching unprecedented levels. According to recent figures, about 800,000 people a year are committing suicide. That’s a higher number than armed conflicts and natural disasters combi

publish April 26, 2021 80
The Usefulness of Forgetting: Rediscover Wonder | Jason Silva

As we grow older, we enter a consciousness known as “been there and down that”. Nothing excites or overwhelms anymore. It’s a tragedy, because we all experience nostalgia, seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Watch Jason explain how

publish April 24, 2021 89
Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Learn more about Fungi, the Foundation of Life.

publish April 24, 2021 93
Astronauts Describe Seeing Earth From Space

Astronauts have a unique perspective of our home planet that very few people get to experience. Hear from explorers who have had the opportunity to see Earth from above and how it changed their perspective of life on our planet. Watch the full Down to Earth se

publish April 23, 2021 79
Self Over Situation — Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati & Dr. Bruce Lipton

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati ji and Bruce H. Lipton, PhD speak on the power of the mind, thoughts and beliefs to impact and change every aspect of our situation- the Self over Situation. Bruce and Sadhvi ji discusses how to live lives of joy, peace and health-A

publish April 8, 2021 149
RiSE Mojave October 1st and 2nd 2021

It feels almost to good to be true to be gathering again! Saying “we’re excited to see you all again” feels small and cliche compared with what’s in our hearts. We hope you’ve all been well! Here’s to a beautiful year to com

publish March 27, 2021 117
The Healing Power Of Compassionate Listening | Lael Stone

Support the creation of more videos like this:​ Story by Lael Stone What was it like when you were four years old and you felt angry or sad or frustrated? How did the adults in your life respond to you? There are thre

publish March 23, 2021 88
Revolutionary FARM-BASED food system in the heart of New York City!

Born out of the 2008 financial crisis, Project Eats is pioneering a revolutionary farm-centric food system right in the heart of New York City! With around half a dozen in-ground and rooftop farms in 4 of New York City’s 5 boroughs, Project Eats is makin

publish March 8, 2021 125
publish January 28, 2021 309

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