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Boyan Slat unveils The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor

On October 26 2019, Boyan Slat presented the plan to address the main source of ocean plastic: rivers. We aim to tackle the 1,000 most polluting rivers, responsible for about 80% of ocean plastic pollution, before the end of 2025. Find more information: https:

publish November 4, 2019 78
Why we can all benefit from spending more time in nature

Spending time around trees provides huge benefits to our wellbeing. Watch what happens when two people are taken out of their busy city lives to spend time in forests…

publish October 31, 2019 77
Can a Plant Remember?

Tune in and join the conversation during the premiere of “Intelligence Without Brains” on Friday, November 8th at 8pm EST. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION How much brain do you need to be smart? Bees and ants perform marvels as colonies, though each insect has

publish October 30, 2019 19
publish October 29, 2019 69
The Game Changers | Official Trailer

A UFC fighter learns everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie. The Game Changers hits digital worldwide 10/1 & is available for preorder on iTunes in select countries! Get yours today: — For more news, follow

publish October 24, 2019 176
The Biggest Little Farm [Official Trailer]

The Biggest Little Farm follows two dreamers and their beloved dog when they make a choice that takes them out of their tiny L.A. apartment and into the countryside to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind in complete coexistence with nature. The fil

publish October 23, 2019 223
Dame Ellen MacArthur shares her vision of a circular economy for a better planet

World record-breaking sailor Dame Ellen MacArthur has spent a lot of time on the high seas, she reveals how these experiences sparked a revelation about how to manage finite resources on our planet. Hear why she’s optimistic about transitioning to a circular

publish October 23, 2019 54
Woman’s Magical Cob House Built with Earth & Reclaimed Materials

This is a full tour of a cozy cob micro cabin built by Marie France Roy, a professional snowboarder from Canada. She wanted to build a home with natural and reclaimed materials so the main floor is built with cob – a mix of sand, clay, and straw – and the

publish October 18, 2019 50
The Politics Of Belonging (featuring George Monbiot)

Support the creation of more videos like this: “We are a society of altruists, but we are governed by psychopaths.” ~ George Monbiot Sustainable Human is a 501c3 non-profit started by a husband and wife team (Chris

publish October 18, 2019 196
The Future of Energy: Vortex Based Mathematics

Randy Powell claims that the number 9 code, called Vortex Based #Mathematics (#V.B.M.), interconnects all of science, all of #technology and all of nature around a #Torus. This mathematical code describes the world around us, from the structure of flowers and

publish October 18, 2019 22
A #NatureNow message from Greta Thunberg

#NatureNow, a new short film narrated by Greta Thunberg and political journalist, author and activist George Monbiot, serves as a call to action to protect, restore and fund #NaturalClimateSolutions. Credits: Tom Mustill/

publish October 17, 2019 25

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