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Universal Basic Income – Life After Automation

Automation is set to be one of the major issues facing humanity in the future. So how do we solve the problem? Andrew Yang has a decent proposition: Universal basic income. In this video, we check out the pros and cons of this future. ColdFusion “New Thi

publish July 3, 2019 71
Floating cities, the LEGO House and other architectural forms of the future | Bjarke Ingels

Design gives form to the future, says architect Bjarke Ingels. In this worldwide tour of his team’s projects, journey to a waste-to-energy power plant (that doubles as an alpine ski slope) and the LEGO Home of the Brick in Denmark — and catch a gli

publish July 3, 2019 124
How Close Are We to Living in the Ocean?

Sea level rise will threaten 90% of major cities in the coming decades. But what if we just dove in to meet it? How close are we to building a city in the ocean? How Close Are We? Season 3 –… Read More Floating

publish June 20, 2019 87
How big is the ocean? – Scott Gass

View full lesson:… While the Earth’s oceans are known as five separate entities, there is really only one ocean. So, how big is it? As of 2013, it takes up 71% of the Earth, houses 99% of the biosphere, and con

publish June 19, 2019 81
A guide to the energy of the Earth – Joshua M. Sneideman

View full lesson:… Energy is neither created nor destroyed — and yet the global demand for it continues to increase. But where does energy come from, and where does it go? Joshua M. Sneideman examines the many ways

publish June 19, 2019 73
Could underwater farms help fight climate change? – Ayana Johnson and Megan Davis

Dive into the world of aquaculture and see how restorative ocean farming could play a vital role in helping our coastal communities, our oceans and our climate. — For billions of people, seafood provides a significant source of protein and nutrition, but

publish June 14, 2019 297
Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate Change?

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publish June 13, 2019 88

We are the sum of our experiences… as McKenna wrote “You become what you behold….” So our creative and linguistic choices govern our fate! I design therefore I become…. enjoy! It would mean a lot to me if you subscribe to my chann

publish June 13, 2019 98
PoV Camera on Eagles – Relaxing music

A PoV compilation of eagles flying many places around the world

publish June 7, 2019 122
Whale Songs and AI, for everyone to explore

Explore thousands of hours of humpback whale songs at Pattern Radio: Whale Songs is a website that lets anyone use AI to explore thousands of hours of NOAA’s underwater ocean recordings. It’s a new kind of tool that visualizes aud

publish June 6, 2019 127
You Are The Way

oin Matt to uncover the source of unworthiness and discover a new level of wholeness in the most thoughtful, joyful, and loving way. Order Matt’s new book, “Everything is Here to Help You” at:… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

publish May 30, 2019 455

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