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What Shadow Work Really Looks Like (A Fit For Service Film)

Some people will try to tell you that it’s all love and light. They are full of shit. They just don’t see the shit that they are full of! This is the nature of the shadow: it is that which we don’t wish to see. It is true, from the highest divine perspec

publish January 9, 2023 110
Turns derelict mountain home into Net-Positive dream homestead

After purchasing a ruin in a hilltop hamlet in the Spanish Pyrenees, Emmanuel Pauwels created a home in close harmony with the elements by first spending an entire year observing the patterns of the wind, sun and rain. Today, the sun provides for passive heati

publish January 9, 2023 152
Down the Carrot Hole

A great mix of thought provoking education and inspiring entertainment. Down the Carrot Hole follows a man in his garden with a camera and a friend with a microscope. A beautiful masterpeice and a visual love letter the Earth.

publish January 8, 2023 132
Ayahuasca With “The Dragon of The Jungle” | FULL Documentary

Maestro Orlando Chujandama is the torch bearer of a long and prestigious lineage of Quechua ayahuasqueros. He goes by the moniker “El Dragon De La Selva” translated as “The Dragon of the Jungle”. He was Aubrey Marcus’s very first curandero (plant sha

publish January 5, 2023 103
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GoPro: Best of 2022 Compilation | A Year in Review

The ‘GoPro Best Of 2022’ highlight reel is here 🎆 From ski resorts to surf breaks, FPV drones to wingsuit pilots, + race tracks to MTB trails, our cameras made their rounds this year. Thank you, the GoPro Family, for showing us what it means to

publish January 5, 2023 49
Remembering Our Past To SAVE OUR FUTURE | Matías De Stefano | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Matías De Stefano opens the episode singing an ancient song to the muse of history to help us remember. This would normally be beautiful. Except the ancient song is from ATLANTIS, and is sung in the Atlantean language that Matias remembers from a past life in

publish January 4, 2023 82
Why We Do The Work | Vince ‘Matoska’ Chafin | Sacred Sons Pillar Talks

Join The Movement: Sacred Sons Pillar Talks at Convergence 7: Generations in North Carolina. Vince Chafin, aka Matoska has been on a lifelong path of creating sacred healing circles and men’s work through the rhythms of the earth

publish December 9, 2022 171
How to Rescue a Sinking Water Table

Permaculture Instructor Andrew Millison explains the different types of aquifers and the overall strategy for recharging depleted water tables. Loess Plateau Project in China video:

publish December 5, 2022 182

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