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Paani Foundation India #3: Organic Wins!

Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys to India to film the epic work of the Paani Foundation’s Water Cup Competition and Farmer’s Cup Competition. We tour the village of Pemgiri, in Maharashtra, who competed in the 2019 competition to instal

publish September 29, 2023 219
Common Ground documentary (2023) – Official Trailer

From the filmmakers of ‘Kiss the Ground’ (Netflix) comes the follow-up documentary ‘Common Ground,’ recipient of the Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Human/Nature Award. Coming to select theaters in the US starting September 27th. https://commongroundfilm.or

publish September 27, 2023 198
publish September 5, 2023 23
Don’t chase happiness. Become antifragile | Tal Ben-Shahar | Big Think

Don’t chase happiness. Become antifragile, with Tal Ben-Shahar

publish September 5, 2023 204
The 5 core principles of life | Nobel Prize-winner Paul Nurse

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Paul Nurse defines the 5 core principles of life.

publish September 5, 2023 32
“What is Regeneration?” – a short film from Damon Gameau, Nick Maher and the “2040” team

What is Regeneration?” is a 5-minute short film and a rousing call to action to join a global movement of Regenerators who are working to heal our ecosystems. The film features climate action leaders like Jeff Bridges, Paul Hawken, Christiana Figueres, K

publish August 26, 2023 198
Gnostic Teachings & The UNTOLD TRUTH of Mary and Jesus | Lars Muhl

Here I meet with Lars Muhl in Denmark, a dedicated mystic and spiritual teacher. In this interview he delves into the realms of the ethereal and shares profound insights into Mary Magdalene’s hidden teachings. Lars also reveals his extraordinary journey

publish July 10, 2023 115
The Real Meaning of Christ

Located in the cerebrum of the human brain, there is the claustrum, that is sitting right in the middle that produces a secretion, a brain fluid, and this fluid is a precious oil inside us. In ancient times, this fluid was called in Greek “Christos” which

publish July 10, 2023 122
Baiba Baika – Initiation Into the Art of Dying: Entheogenic Plant Medicine, Healing Journeys

Initiation Into the Art of Dying: Entheogenic Plant Medicine, Healing Journeys and Transformative Learning Baiba Baika is originally from Latvia but lives and works in Germany. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s degree in Myth, Cosmolo

publish July 10, 2023 120

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