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A #NatureNow message from Greta Thunberg

#NatureNow, a new short film narrated by Greta Thunberg and political journalist, author and activist George Monbiot, serves as a call to action to protect, restore and fund #NaturalClimateSolutions. Credits: Tom Mustill/

publish October 17, 2019 0
Our Planet: Our Business.

The global business community can be a powerful force to drive action for nature – find out why we are confident that change is possible. Our Planet: Our Business, a new film for business inspired by the Netflix series Our Planet, is available to watch n

publish October 17, 2019 5
Good Sex Isn’t About Knowing What You’re Doing | Sarah Byrden | TEDxVail

“Good sex is about learning how to feel and be honest about what that is.” -Sarah Byrden Sarah is a sacred sexuality teacher/sex educator who has worked with hundreds of students, ranging in age from 15-80. She works with college students offering

publish October 16, 2019 0
Are Miracles Real? The Secret Mysteries of Ayahuasca

Have you ever heard of someone healing their cancer in just one night? How about depression and anxiety cured outright in just 6 hours? If not, watch on, and journey beyond time and space into the mystical world of Ayahuasca… 👉👉 If this experience

publish October 15, 2019 22
We’ve Found The Magic Frequency (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)

Nikola Tesla Was Right! “We’ve Found The Magic Frequency” ***SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMS*** – ►MOTIVATIONAL CLOTHES Be a Dreamer ►If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an

publish October 10, 2019 15
How Earth Moves

It’s here! Science stuff, mind-blowing stuff, Vsauce stuff, oh my!! THE CURIOSITY BOX: Jake’s video about The Curiosity Box:… Minute Physics on why December days are the longest:

publish October 4, 2019 14
GoPro: Best of 2017 – Year in Review

2017 blew our minds. From the depths of the ocean to a proposal in the sky, relive our favorite GoPro moments from this epic journey we call life. Shot 100% on GoPro – Mounts used in this video – Comment below on

publish October 3, 2019 16
GoPro: Best of 2018 – Year in Review in 4K

2018. The year shaky video died. The year of the longest drift, the record rope jump, and the biggest urban downhill ever. The world offers endless inspiration, and we are stoked to share some of it with you. See you in 2019! For a full recap of GoPro’s

publish October 3, 2019 9
How to Truly Love Yourself | Adam Roa

This made our audience cry. 💔 “Treat yourself like someone you love.” That’s the mind-blowing message of this motivational video by spoken word artist Adam Roa, which might just be the answer you’ve been waiting for…💪 We live in a consumerist s

publish October 2, 2019 27
“Stumbling towards intimacy”: An improvised TED Talk | Anthony Veneziale

In a hilarious, completely improvised talk, improv master Anthony Veneziale takes to the TED stage for a truly one-of-a-kind performance. Armed with an audience-suggested topic (“stumbling towards intimacy”) and a deck of slides he’s never se

publish September 29, 2019 11

GREENLAND 4K:… ELEMENTS OF ICELAND Since 15 years I’m traveling and guiding photography tours in Iceland. Although I am Swiss, my heart and soul live in Iceland. At the age of 18 I hiked alone through the Icela

publish September 18, 2019 47
The Egg – A Short Story

The Egg Story by Andy Weir Animated by Kurzgesagt A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story. The original was released here:… Visit his website here: If you want to sup

publish September 10, 2019 158

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