Ancient Futures: NewEarth Festival Bali 2017 | Official Video


Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival is part of the current movement of more conscious festivals that are moving away from the traditional focus on hedonism and escapism to instead feature personal development and co-creation of community. The Bali festival will feature a symposium (talks and debates), music and performance, healing, art, creation and Wisdom Keepers. Ancient Futures will take place in an idyllic setting just outside Ubud in Bali. This is a seed event for visionary creatives, change makers and thought leaders who are bridge-builders between communities across the world and thereby inspire others and make a positive impact.

…where the interconnectedness of life is honoured and respected;
where each take responsibility for learning, healing and leadership in pursuit of noble expression; and where the capacity to love and be loved is the highest note in our collective symphony…

Your invitation to join ancient futures: newearth festival to lead co-creation, collaboration and transformation within our communities.

Our aim is to inspire and illuminate through providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

topics and workshops:

Decentralisation (Air)
sovereignty, e-democracy, crypto currencies, holocracy and social technology, trans-politics, empowerment, indigenous systems, community building

Art as Activism (Fire)
multimedia experience, visionary art, experimental culture, quantum art, music

Flow (Water)
flow states, optimality, meditation, universal intelligence, movement, water, human design and gene key

Earthing (Earth)
permaculture, ceremony, nutrition, bio architecture, plants as medicine, earth chakras and portals, guardianship, whole systems design, mycelium, bees

Resonation and harmonics (Akasha)
sonic alchemy, technology of prayer, schumann frequency, Solfeggio scale, sound healing, sacred geometry, non-duality


music and performance
Dirtwire, Tora, The Human Experience, Fana-fi-allah, saQi, Shamans Dreams, Samuel J, Brian Hartman, Anthar Kharana, Ali Luminescent, Shelena ‘Shay Butta’ Hughes, Iemanjo, OnaRay, Amy Secada, B-boy Neguin, Dylan T bRadley, Love in the Fire, Christine Geiger

symposium speakers
Thomas Joseph Brown, DR David Luke, Dan Winter, Michael Rice, Michael Tellinger, Sacha Stone, Patty Greer, Ama Lai Wai-Ching Lee, Joseph Crossley

wisdom keepers
Anthar Kharana, Erika Gagnon, Oscar Raiz de la Tierra, Chavita Valdez, Ida Resi Alit

Mark Lee – Somnio8, Pan Trinity Das, Luke Brown


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