Alberta Canada – Banff Frozen in Time in 4K!


Watch the behind the scenes in the link below:

Super thanks to Canada Tourism for making this happen!!! Check them out now via social media!

For all the other awesome activies we did, check them out here:Hotel:
Heli: Tubing:
Wolf Dogs:

Super thanks to Jeff Bartlett for being such an amazing guide! Follow him on instagram! His pictures are amazing and he is based in Canada!

Music by Stephen Anderson. He does a ton of the music for my vids, and all his stuff is amazing!!!

Check out Fun For Louis Channel as well! One of my favorite people/youtubers!

The main video was filmed in 6K with the Red Dragon. Compressed for Youtube in 4K.

Film and Cinematography by Devin Graham
Edited by the amazing Tyson Henderson with Adobe Premiere CC. Here’s his youtube channel.…

Super thanks to Megan Smee for being our actress on the shoot. And for Emilie Gagnon for organizing it all.

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