Alaska – Uncharted Waters – Canon 5D Mark III


Special thanks to my friends at North Fork Outdoors for helping make this video happen! They provided all the awesome boats you saw in the video, tour guides, fishing equipment, and even a ticket to Alaska!!!

You can check out all their boats in the link up above, and you can contact them by phone with this number down below.
Contact North Fork OutDoors 801-392-5404

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the music for this video! He does a ton of my vids, and his stuff is amazing!!!

We filmed this video in Alaska in areas that have never been rafted before!!! It was awesome!!! 🙂 We filmed this video from July 5-16, 2012. We took several boat airplanes to super remote places. We would land in the lakes, then for some of the rivers we explored, we would have to hike 700 pounds of food, equipment etc up the tundra to reach those rivers. Bruce Hoskisson, our tour guide, and now a dear friend of mine, he had it all planned out, and on record he was the only one that had ever descended down some of the rivers we had explored.

As far as all the fish, we caught a ton, and surprisingly we decided not to keep any of them, we were there for the sport and adventure of it all.

As far as the boats that we used, they were perfect for white river rafting, and fishing at the same time, because at any time you could stick your legs down to slow you down, and be able to fish right on the river.

On top of all the fishing, we saw at least 50 grizzly bears…. and yes, it was scary at first, but then after awhile I knew we were safe… as safe as you could be around Grizzly Bears 😉 We had bear spray, and electric fences to stick around our camps at night to make sure we would stay safe.

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