Actualizing The Human Imagination


“Life is purposeful, death is optional, God is technological and love is essential” – Terasem philosophy

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Terence McKenna
“The cultural enterprise is an effort to turn ourselves inside out. We want to put the body into the imagination, and we want the imagination to replace the laws of physics.”…

Kevin Kelly
“Technology has become the seventh kingdom of life. In addition to archaea, protists, eubacteria, fungi, plants, and animals, we now need to add the technium.”…

Bucky Fuller
“Life is antientropic. It is spontaneously inquisitive. It sorts out and endeavors to understand”…

David Deutsch
“Feeling insignificant because the universe is large has exactly the same logic as feeling inadequate for not being a cow.”

Ray Kurzweil
“The story of evolution unfolds with increasing levels of abstraction.”

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