5 Most Epic Earth Healing Projects!


Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison reveals his picks for the 5 most epic Earth healing projects in the world.

Project 1: Arvari River Restoration Project Website: https://tarunbharatsangh.in/ Footage from Ashok Meena: ashokcinematographe@gmail.com

Project 2: The Chikukwa Project Footage used is from the documentary “The Chikukwa Project” Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svj3O… Purchase DVD: https://us.permacultureprinciples.com…

Project 3: GRAVIS Jodhpur Project Website: https://www.gravis.org.in/ My 3 part video series on this and other Rajasthan projects: https://youtu.be/KYzdZc0jCLg https://youtu.be/o6zjKC8KpAo https://youtu.be/ILRSTWghouw

Project 4: The Loess Plateau Footage from “Hope in a Changing Climate” by John D. Liu: https://youtu.be/bLdNhZ6kAzo

Project 5: The Paani Foundation Project Website: https://www.paanifoundation.in/ Thanks Paani Foundation for use of drone footage. My videos on the Paani Foundation’s work: https://youtu.be/-8nqnOcoLqE https://youtu.be/jDMnbeW3F8A

Bonus Project: Regenerative Resources Project Website: https://regenerativeresources.co/