3 Reasons The Jedi Mindset Sucks


3 Reasons The Jedi Mindset Sucks https://goo.gl/YTJrQY

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Star Wars is often referred to as a classic good vs evil story.  And it’s easy to see why when you have “bad Sith characters.”

Opposing the Sith are the Jedi who seem like the obvious good guys.  But if  you dig into their belief system, there are serious problems in the mindsets they promote.   In fact, you could say that it is THEIR teachings that ultimately lead to people like Anakin Skywalker breaking and turning totally evil.

That’;s why in this video I want to break down the biggest flaw in their teachings.  Because you may have unthinkingly adopted these “good guy” teachings that can actually wind up destroying your life.

0:40 Jedi Order expects emotional neutrality from their disciples

1:31 Jedi presents negative emotions as permanent emotions 

2:45 Jedi principle is to not feel

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