THE TRUST FALL: JULIAN ASSANGE – Update on the project

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The Truth About Psychedelics

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You might be hearing about states and countries legalizing psychedelics. In 2020, Oregon became the first US state to decriminalize psilocybin and legalize it for therapeutic use. In 2022, Colorado followed suit. Researchers have recently been touting the benefits of psychedelics for health conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, cancer-related distress, and the list goes… Read more »

Old Soul REVEALS Our Holographic Universe, Power of Consciousness & Quantum Healing | Gabi Kovalenko

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Gabi Kovalenko shares her unique perspective on growing self-awareness, wisdom, and finding our true selves. At just 23 years old, Gabi reveals her inspiring journey of self-discovery and the invaluable wisdom she has acquired along the way. As an old soul, she brings a profound understanding of life beyond her years and offers insights that… Read more »

Water is Love Official Trailer 2024

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Pre-register for limited screening here:… Water is Love: Ripples of Regeneration follows a group of young people grappling with the climate crisis while we journey around the world to share inspiring stories of regenerative ecosystem design to create water retention in communities, villages, and regions. We touch upon traditional ecological knowledge, how water makes… Read more »

SolarPunk Cities: Our Last Hope?

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Dear Alice – Solar Punk

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What if we created a future for ourselves that was full of optimism and positivity? “Dear Alice” is a love letter from a grandmother to a granddaughter and an optimistic vision of the future of farming. It’s a nostalgic look towards a new era of agriculture, with beautifully crafted backgrounds, delicate animation and a completely… Read more »

Medicine Festival // 2023 Aftermovie

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In the freshness of Spring, we are thrilled to share the 2023 Medicine Festival Aftermovie with you! A fluid expression of everything our gathering stands for – community, collective healing & radical love for the Earth’s ecosystems and cultures that make life so precious & worthy of protection. Thank you for joining us – everything… Read more »

Helena Norberg-Hodge | Medicine Festival 2023

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Local futures founder Helena Norberg Hodge reflects on the vitality of nature as her medicine; and the importance of cultivating a deep & ongoing relationship with our local environments. Nourishing biological & cultural diversity through our daily acts – a localization revolution. You can learn more about the paradigm shifts @localfutures is growing through her… Read more »