Everyones talking about sharing morning routines. So, here you got one! 😉 A refreshing ice bath/swim. Wouldn’t you all agree that this is the best way starting off the day? No more hot showers. No more comfort zone. SKÅL! (Cheers!) And good morning! Now, go get out there and make the best out of this day! The power is all within you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING ♥ ▷ And in the summer, why not try out the secret art of “mosquito meditation”. You won’t regret it! 😉… ❅ And now, seriously, if you want to get some really good inspiration and learn how to use ice baths as a way of making you stronger and healthier, check out the one and only Wim Hof: ► SOCIAL MEDIA AND LINKS! • Instagram: @jonnajinton • Patreon – • Facebook Page – • Print/paintings webshop: • Jewelry webshop: • Blog:

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