Spirit Science 33_9 ~ The Dirt on Agriculture


Have you had an opportunity to delve into some of the great mysteries of life lately? Check this out www.gaia.com/spiritscience Welcome back to Spirit Science! Today we get our hands dirty as we investigate the plant agricultural systems of our modern world, and discover what is happening beneath our feet around the world. Because of the way we have constructed our lives as a species, when investigating industrial plant-based agricultural, we have found that the system is in the same kind of trouble as it is with the other industries that we’ve looked at previously. The issues surrounding plant-based agriculture are slightly different, but don’t let that fool you. They are just as dangerous as any other of the heavily commercialized industrial practices are on our health. Although there seems to be fewer diseases related to consuming mass produced plants they are still responsible for major health issues due to modern chemical agriculture, genetic modification, and low nutrient quality. When we found out that the most traditionally nourishing plant foods on the planet now have the lowest levels of nutrients within them that they ever have, we just had to find out why! One of the things we found out is that it all comes down to the dirt. For the full video description and sources, check out our website: https://spiritsciencecentral.com/dirt…

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