MOUNT RORAIMA – Heaven On Earth

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On the border between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil stands a mystical mountain. Mount Roraima is one of the oldest mountains on Earth, and is what inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write “Lost World”. The mountain is rising a thousand meters up from the jungle with vertical walls. However, the top is flat, with a varied… Read more »

Living Planet Symposium opens

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Relive the opening session of our Living Planet Symposium. Held in Milan, Italy, on 13–17 May 2019, it is the world’s biggest conference on Earth observation to date. The event not only sees scientists present their latest findings on Earth’s environment and climate based on satellite data, but also focuses on the importance of Earth… Read more »

GoPro: Introducing HERO7 Black in 4K

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Wanted to share this here to show just how amazing and daring life really can be.   Shot on the GoPro HERO7 Black – This is HERO7 Black, the most advanced GoPro ever. With HyperSmooth stabilization, you get insanely smooth, gimbal‑like video—without the gimbal. And with TimeWarp, you can capture mesmerizing, stabilized time lapse… Read more »

Sahara Forest Project: From vision to reality

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The first fully operational Sahara Forest Project Pilot Plant is built in Qatar in cooperation with the leading fertilizer companies Yara and Qafco. The Sahara Forest Project is a new environmental solution to produce food, water and energy in desert areas. It is designed to utilize what we have enough of to produce what we… Read more »

FOOD FOR THE FUTURE – A Short Documentary

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Ahead of World Food Day, we’re premiering a new documentary film, Food for the Future (#Food4theFuture). It documents the world’s current food revolution. Global agriculture generates as much greenhouse gas as the worldwide transport sector. Sustainable food production is therefore not a luxury but a necessity for our common future. How can we best balance… Read more »

Psilocybin & Mystical Experiences in Hospice Care | Anthony Bossis PhD at Exponential Medicine 2016

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WATCH NOW: Dr. Anthony (Tony) Bossis, a psychology professor at NYU speaks about his research on Psilocybin and mystical experience research and its potential for use in end of life care, PTSD, and beyond. This session was captured at Exponential Medicine 2016. To attend or learn more about our programs visit us at Exponential… Read more »

Celebrating 10 Years of Singularity University

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October 6th, 2018 marks our 10th Anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud of the achievements of our global community. This video celebrates our shared history and commitment to making the world a better place. Subscribe: Connect with Singularity University: Website: Hub: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin:… About Singularity University: Singularity… Read more »

Returning to Natural Mind

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Behind all our endeavors lies the desire to feel good—to be happy, feel content, relaxed, and at ease. No one wants to be in pain or to suffer unnecessarily. Why then, are we so seldom at peace? After all, we’re intelligent beings, who can look ahead and plan for the future. One would think that… Read more »

The Rules Of The Game Must Change – Basic income

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Yanis Varoufakis describes how the rule of the game of capitalism must change if we are to have a civilized future. Support the creation of more videos like this: Hire us to turn your story or idea into a video like this:… Or consider sponsoring a video on a topic of your choice:… Read more »

Jane Goodall – Mother Earth

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“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall Music: On the Nature of Daylight – Max Richter Narration: Facebook – facebook/theinspirationjourney Vimeo – Tumblr… Read more »